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#1 Rated Permanent Makeup Studio & Training Center in El Paso, TX


If your eyebrows seem dull or faint, then microblading is your saving grace. This technique is intended to enhance the appearance of the eyebrows by matching and increasing pigmentation. In simpler terms, you could say it’s like being granted a whole new set of eyebrows!

1 Touch-Up Included


Ombre Brows


  Microblading Client

"Loved my eyebrows! Five months later, and they (are) still looking great! Have been receiving a lot of compliments. Ana Luisa Square explained all the process in detail.. she was very nice and patient…made me feel very comfortable. She is the best and very professional. Definitely recommending her."

Powder Brows

Ombre Brows

Nano Brows



Enhance what is naturally yours! Adding color to your lips can help cover dark lip pigmentation and give you a brighter smile. Ana Square is the perfect certified technician to give you your desired look.

1 Touch-Up Included

3D Lips

Ombre Brows

"Being my first time getting my lips semi-permanently done, I was very nervous as I rarely wear lipstick and the fact that symmetry can he difficult to achieve terrified me. Ana eased my nerves by making sure my lips looked symmetrical whether my lips were resting or curled into my massive smile, and assured me that I would achieve the natural look I was aiming for. I was able to choose a color by applying the pigment directly to my hand to see how it looked against my skin tone. I was shocked when I fell in love with the one color that seemed most vibrant and unique from the rest, VIP Pink, when I was looking for a natural tone, but I couldn't be more satisfied with the end result!... "

3D Lip Client

Ombre Lips

Lip Blush

Lip Neutralization

Classic Eyeliner Upper Lid

Ombre Brows


Forget about smudges, irritation on your eye or allergic reactions to your eyeliner. Say goodbye to eye makeup with permanent makeup by Ana Square using Biotek technology.

1 Touch-Up Included

"Ana did such an amazing job! I would highly recommend her to anyone! She is a master of details. Truly a professional who values quality and excellence in her work."

Eyeliner Client

Foxy Eyeliner Upper Lid

Lash Line

Eyeliner Lower Lid


Treat yourself to the ultimate natural lift & tint for your lashes! Get the look you've always wanted. 

Lash Lift & Tint

Ombre Brows

"Thank you Ana Square ! 💕im in love with my lashes lift and tint 💕😍 i thank you so much i love your work and always welcoming me with your sweet heart! You are the best of the best! 💕"

Lash Client


Want a brighter smile? We offer teeth whitening to help you achieve your desired look. 

Ombre Brows

Teeth Whitening

"Highly recommended!!! Clean, professional and super friendly! Went somewhere else first and wasn’t happy so came to Ana the second time and sooo happy I did!! You will not be disappointed, she knows what she’s doing!!"

Teeth Whitening Client

Scalp Micropigmentation


Ready to feel happier and look younger? Scalp Micropigmentation is for you!

1 Touch-Up Included

“I have struggled with my hair loss for a long time. I went to Ana Square for density treatment, and was very excited but also a bit hesitant, since I had already been through hair transplants and you name what else. I wish I had done this procedure before! I saw instant results! Guys, there is no need to suffer any longer that you already have with baldness!... Thank you, Ana for improving my life”


Ricardo G.

Scalp Micropigmentation Client


A bad tattoo brow job doesn’t have to last forever. In Ana Square Microblading we help you regain your confidence back!

Microblading & PMU Removal

Ombre Brows

"Ana is an expert at her work and she’s very humble and hospitable. She took my eyebrows from angry bird chola to normal. I got the tattoo removal on my eyebrows done and I did two sessions. My eyebrows were a red tone. The tattoo is all but gone. She changed my life seriously"

Removal Client

Emergency Removal

Eyebrow Correction

Areola Reconstruction

We want to help you feel confident in your skin again! If you are a cancer survivor, we offer this as a complimentary service. Contact us for more information. If you have any questions about areola reconstruction or would like to see samples of our clinics work please call our clinic or send us a message! 

1 Touch-Up Included

Ombre Brows

"Ana and her staff are amazing. I had my areola done after 10 years of being cancer free. Getting it done has improved my self value. I now look at myself in the mirror more often and I feel wonderful. Ana did a wonderful job that looks just like the real one. I highly recommend Ana Square and her staff."

Areola Reconstruction Client

Virginia Ramirez

Tiny Tattoos

Discover the beauty of Tiny Tattoos. There's something incredibly special about the delicacy and femininity that a tiny tattoo adds to your body. It's like a hidden treasure. 

We specialize in small fine-line tattoos, and our maximum size is 3 inches. 

Tell your story!

Ombre Brows

"Went in for my first tiny tattoo and the service was great! Gaby made me feel comfortable and at ease as I was a bit nervous. The place looks so chic and fun. Thank you for the wonderful service!"

Tiny Tattoo Client

Gloria Gigi

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