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#1 Rated Permanent Makeup Studio & Training Center in El Paso, TX

Meet The Artists

Gaby Marche is a skilled and experienced permanent makeup artist who can help you unleash your inner beauty. With over seven years of experience and more than 30 international certifications under her belt, Gaby is a true master of the art of permanent makeup. 

From an early age, Gaby has been fascinated by the transformative power of cosmetics and color, and has a true passion for beauty. She has helped countless men and women enhance their natural beauty and boost their self-confidence. 

Gaby has traveled the world attending workshops and conferences to learn the latest techniques and trends in the permanent makeup industry, from brows and lips to eyeliner, brow corrections, and areola reconstruction. And she is taken over the tiny tattoo world!  

Whether you're seeking to tell your story through a fine-line mini tattoo or aiming for subtle or dramatic transformations with permanent makeup, Gaby can help you achieve the look you've always dreamed of. 

PS: You can see some of Gaby's work on the official Instagram account of the business @anasquaremicroblading and also on Gaby's accounts: @gabymarche_microblading and @elpasotinytattoos. 

Gaby Marche


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